RE: [Linux-ia64] RAW dependency in ivt.S

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2002-10-30 03:29:13
Check section 5.3 in document "The Intel Itanium Architecture Software Developer's Manual" volume 3.  There is no semantics of dependency required for this type of instance.  If you would add the stop bit, the code will expand into 2 bundles instead of possibly one in the original form.

- Ken

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testing the kernel 2.4.18 I found a RAW dependency (for P8) in ivt.S in
entry alt_dtlb_miss. The lines are p8,p0=r0,r23
(p8)    br.cond.spnt page_fault

Why I'am not providing a (simple) patch: I' am wondering about taking
the privilege level for the decision about taking a page fault or
inserting the identity mapped TLB entry. For my understanding there
should be checked for region 7.


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