Re: [Linux-ia64] quick ia64 patch for 2.5.44 (UP only)

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2002-10-28 12:51:40
>>>>> "Kimio" == Kimio Suganuma <> writes:

Kimio> I have a same problem on Bigsur since 2.5.39.
Kimio> So the problem caused by another bug.

 Yes, I agree there's another problem here.

Kimio> I've heard a rumor that this patch might fix it, but I haven't
Kimio> test it, yet.


This patch is for the sound driver, that I haven't compiled in.  So
it's unlikely to fix my problem.  Although maybe there's a similar
problem somewhere else?

I did *not* have the problem on 2.5.39 or on 2.5.44 UP (it appears to
be an SMP problem that was introduced between 2.5.39 and 2.5.44).
I'm using serial console only.

Peter C
Received on Sun Oct 27 17:51:56 2002

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