Re: [Linux-ia64] quick ia64 patch for 2.5.44 (UP only)

From: Kimio Suganuma <>
Date: 2002-10-26 07:50:33

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 22:35:37 -0700
David Mosberger <> wrote:

> A quick patch that gets 2.5.44 (mostly) working on ia64 is now at
> in file:
> 	linux-2.5.44-ia64-021024.diff.gz
> With this patch, the kernel should work on Itanium 1, Itanium 2, and
> the Ski simulator, PROVIDED you use the "nosmp" option with SMP
> kernels.  Without "nosmp", the kernel crashes when starting up the
> application processors.  It appears that the crash is caused by
> something calling a NULL function pointer.

I found that tasklet_hi_action() seemed to call NULL pointer.
So I tried to put following code (I guess this is wrong fix)
into the function;

	if (t->func == NULL) {

And the system initialization moved on, but it hung at INIT execution.
Anyway, I feel this problem might be related to the timer change.


Kimio Suganuma <>
Received on Fri Oct 25 14:50:43 2002

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