[Linux-ia64] PCI Hotplug Drivers for 2.5

From: Lee, Jung-Ik <jung-ik.lee_at_intel.com>
Date: 2002-10-24 14:33:09

Please find the attached ACPI based PCI Hotplug driver.
    Php driver source for Compaq or compatible Intel Hotplug
    controllers on IA32 or DIG64-ACPI compliant IA64 platforms.

    intcphp driver is overhauled per your requirements:
    + Abstraction module is removed.
      It's now two modules driver like others.
    + typedefs are removed except callback function.
    + LINUX_VERSION checks are removed.

	intcphp is much based on cpqphp driver but has been modified to be
controller independent on DIG64/ACPI compliant IPF servers as well as
non-ACPI based IA32 servers. Thus code looks similar but integration is not
that easy and will take time and consents of affected drivers owners.
	We understand there needs more integration and cleanup to make
common codes to pci_hotplug core as you indicated. This task, however,
requires time and changes in every php driver with owners' consensus on
common php controller/slot objects, while satisfying requirements in the
near future. We look forward to discussing this with you and other
	Until then, please allow us to co-exist this driver.

	Jung-Ik Lee/Intel,
	Takayoshi Kochi/NEC,
	Tony Luck/Intel

+ Patch is against 2.5.39 but should apply to 2.5.41 or later.
+ acpiphp driver is not included in this patch.
+ Required drivers/acpi patch and arch/ia64/pci patch have 
  already been accepted by respective owners, and excluded
  from this patch.

 Config.help    |   10 
 Config.in      |    1 
 Makefile       |   22 
 intcphp_core.c |  799 ++++++++++++++++
 intcphp_ctrl.c | 1795 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 intcphp_hpc.c  | 1333 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 intcphp_pci.c  | 1179 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 intcphp_proc.c |  196 +++
 phpdvr.h       |  590 +++++++++++
 phprm.h        |   56 +
 phprm_acpi.c   | 2824
 11 files changed, 8805 insertions(+)

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