[Linux-ia64] Re: [PATCH] topology for ia64

From: Erich Focht <efocht_at_ess.nec.de>
Date: 2002-10-22 19:23:37
On Tuesday 22 October 2002 02:07, David Mosberger wrote:
> Why does the cpu_to_node_map[] exist for non-NUMA configurations?  It
> seems to me that it would be better to make cpu_to_node_map a macro
> that uses an array-check for NUMA configurations and a simple test
> against phys_cpu_present_map() for non-NUMA.

Attached is a modified patch for implementing the topology stuff on ia64.
It's on top of your 2.5.39 tree including acpi_numa and the acpi_numa fix
which I've sent you separately.

I dropped the cpu_to_node_map array for the non-NUMA case. The macro
__cpu_to_node() returns 0 in this case. In the places where it is used
(e.g. in the NUMA scheduler) we either run on a valid CPU or have
cpu_online() checks before using it, therefore I also removed the
phys_cpu_present_map check when building the cpu to node map.

Hope this can be included now...


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