Re: [Linux-ia64] Some Modules fail w/ unresolved cpu_info__per_cpu

From: Christian Cotte-Barrot <>
Date: 2002-10-17 17:45:48
"Lee, Jung-Ik" wrote:
> On 2.5.39,
> it fails to insmod some modules that refers to "cpu_info__per_cpu".
> That global IS DEFINE_PER_CPU'd, DECLARE_PER_CPU'd and is in but
> for some reason it fails to resolve.
> Have you guys seen this ?
> thanks
> J.I.

Yes I have seen something similar with the ipmi driver ("imb") on Tiger
but with the 2.5.35 release.
I found that the exported symbol name via /proc/ksyms is in fact:  

Then I did not ask much more questions to me trying to find the root
cause of the problem within the kernel sources and I just added the 
following trivial modification in the driver's code:
#define cpu_info__per_cpu   cpu_info__per_cpu_R__ver_cpu_info__per_cpu

With this workaround insmod didn't complain anymore about "cpu_info__per_cpu"
and the driver works correctly.

But I am agree it is just a workaround and we shouldn't have to
modify drivers's code for such problem.

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> Subject: RE: [Linux-ia64] [patch 2.5.39] allow kernel to be virtually
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> Yesterday I wrote:
> > This patch provides just the code needed to virtually map the
> > kernel to a fixed virtual address from whatever physical address
> > it happened to be loaded at (it is assumed that the bootloader
> > handled the issue of finding a suitably aligned piece of memory).
> Elilo already knows how to find memory, as long as you either use
> the "relocatable" keyword in elilo.conf, or the "-r" command-line
> option to let it know that it is OK to relocate.
> Using this elilo option means that the changes I provided for
> vmlinux.ld.S can be very slightly simplified, it isn't necessary
> can just use:
> -Tony
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