[Linux-ia64] [PATCH] acpi-numa for ia64

From: Erich Focht <efocht_at_ess.nec.de>
Date: 2002-09-27 01:40:37
Hi David,

attached is the IA64 architecture specific code for the ACPI-NUMA
infrastructure which is meanwhile present in the 2.5 baseline
kernels. It provides the interpreters for the ACPI SLIT (System
Locality Information Table) and the SRAT (System Ressource Affinity
Table). These build three data structures with the NUMA characteristics
of the machine:
 - node_memblk : memory blocks and the nodes to which they belong,
 - node_cpuid  : hardware CPUID and corresponding node ID,
 - numa_slit AKA node_distance : distance matrix between nodes.

We need these things for both discontigmem and NUMA scheduler setup,
it would be great to have it in the baseline kernels.


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