RE: [Linux-ia64] platform detection at run-time

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Date: 2002-09-26 05:33:12
The reason, I have to detect the architecture at run time has to do with the
interface with (sg) driver. Since the driver is natively compiled for
64-bit, it expects the data structure handed over to it, to be 64-bit wide.
Thus my 32-bit application cannot issue ioctl calls successfully.

So, in my application, based on the platform, I fill the appropriate
structure before ioctl call.

Nitin Sane
(508) 382-7319

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Have you decided what you want to do about AMD's x86-64?
That is another 64-bit platform that will run your 32-bit binary.

Ideally all three platforms would be enough alike you don't
have to worry about it: is there a problem with Linux that is
causing you to perform this check?


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Subject: [Linux-ia64] platform detection at run-time

I have a linux application running on 32-bit machines. Due to some
third-party limitations, we cannot build this application on 64-bit
natively. Thus we'll be using the '32-bit compatibility mode'.

For some application specific reasons, I need to be able to determine at
run-time whether the application is running on a 32-bit or a 64-bit

What I have found is that there's no reliable way for the application to
determine whether it's running on a 64-bit machine. I use info obtained
/proc/cpuinfo (more specifically family field) to determine the
However this is not standard. On Redhat 7.1 (lk 2.4.3-12) family value
set to IA-64 while on Redhat 7.2 (lk 2.4.9-34) this field is set to

What is the preferred method to determine the platform at run time ??
these values likely to change (after I change my code to handle this)

Nitin Sane
(508) 382-7319

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