RE: [Linux-ia64] Greater than 2TB Filesystem support?

From: Eastham, M. Thomas (Anitel Technologies) <>
Date: 2002-09-13 05:20:50
	I would be forever in you debt if you could patch 2.4.19  I can test
up to 2.5TB immediately using SGI's XFS.  This would actually be two
hardware RAID 0 arrays of 1260GB each software raid'ed together.  Our test
platform today is i386 but we hope to move to IA64 if the testing shows
promise.  If this works I hope to be able to test a 7.6TB i386 NAS box
within a few weeks.
	I'll be sure to share results with the list.


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>>>>> "David" == David Mosberger <> writes:

>>>>> On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:18:00 -0500, "Eastham, M. Thomas (Anitel
Technologies)" <> said:
Thomas> Is there anyone out there that can give me an indication of
Thomas> when the 2TB FS limitation will be addressed?  We are ready to
Thomas> implement XFS based IDE Raid IA64 servers with 4+TB today.
Thomas> Any information you can provide me about timelines would be
Thomas> very helpful.

David> Peter Chubb from the University of New South Wales has done
David> some very nice work in this regard as part of the Gelato
David> project.  He has a web page and patches for the 2.5 kernel
David> series at:


I'm working on a backport to 2.4; also I haven't recently updated the
2.5 IA64 port --- if you want it I can do it today and test tomorrow.

Which kernel are you interested in?

Dr Peter Chubb
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