Re: [Linux-ia64] [trivial] Request for merging of two sets of redundant SGI texts

From: Keith Owens <>
Date: 2002-09-11 15:51:04
Steven Cole <> wrote:
>Could one of you help resolve the following very trivial problem.  In
>2.4.20-pre5 Documentation/, there exists two
> entries for CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN_SIM and
>The configurators will of course only display the first of the two.
>Would someone please indicate which of the texts is the more accurate or
>combine them as you see fit.  You can send me the results or make up a
>patch yourself.
>If this is a moot point, deleting the second text would be the default
>thing to do.

The first set is wrong.  There is also an error in ia64/ for
one of these variables.  Patch against 2.4.19.

--- Documentation/	Wed Sep 11 15:44:36 2002
+++ Documentation/	Wed Sep 11 15:45:24 2002
@@ -24409,16 +24409,6 @@
   If you don't know what to do, choose "generic".
-  Build a kernel that runs on both the SGI simulator AND on hardware.
-  There is a very slight performance penalty on hardware for including this
-  option.
-  This enables addition debug code that helps isolate
-  platform/kernel bugs. There is a small but measurable performance
-  degradation when this option is enabled.
 # Choice: pagesize
 Kernel page size
--- arch/ia64/	Wed Sep 11 15:45:29 2002
+++ arch/ia64/	Wed Sep 11 15:49:01 2002
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
 if [ "$CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN1" = "y" ] || [ "$CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN2" = "y" ]; then
 	define_bool CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN y
-	bool '  Enable extra debugging code' CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN_DEBUG n
+	bool '  Enable extra debugging code' CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN_DEBUG
 	bool '  Enable SGI Medusa Simulator Support' CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN_SIM
 	bool '  Enable autotest (llsc). Option to run cache test instead of booting' \
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