[Linux-ia64] kernel update (relative to v2.5.32)

From: David Mosberger <davidm_at_napali.hpl.hp.com>
Date: 2002-08-30 15:42:23
OK, the latest ia64 patch should show up shortly at:


in file: linux-2.5.32-ia64-020829.diff.gz

Please see http://lia64.bkbits.net:8080/to-linus-2.5
for change log entries.

Note: I cobbled together a version of 8250_hcdp.c which ought to work,
but I don't have firmware to test it with, so it's quite possible it
doesn't work quite right.  At the moment, this should affect only hp
zx1-based machines.

Note 2: You may have heard that Linus took out the big stick once
again and replaced the new & sort-of-improved IDE subsystem with the
old (and reliable?) one.  I haven't done much testing, but this kernel
at least can read from an IDE CD-ROM again.

Oh, PS/2 keyboards & mice don't seem to work too well at the moment.
USB seems to work fine, though.


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