Re: [Linux-ia64] Kernel dumps stacks while calling exported function from a loadable module

From: Richard Hirst <>
Date: 2002-08-20 21:22:30
On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 07:41:47PM +0800, Jeff Lee wrote:
> My kernel was from the RH installation CD.  I haven't touched it yet.
> I used gcc3.1 for a reason: the 2.96 gcc causes the same problem; hence I tried gcc3.1 but that doesn't seem to matter,
> Actually, I tried a little experiment.  I printed the address of dummy() out;  surprisingly, the reading of dummy() is different in the exporting module from the calling module (no wonder the kernel stacks).  But, any other global variables look fine.  
> What so special about the kernel function symbols in IA 64?

A pointer to a function on ia64 is actually a pointer to a struct
containing the address of the function and the data pointer to use in
the function.

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