RE: [Linux-ia64] setting GUIDs

From: <>
Date: 2002-08-10 12:32:24
>   Is there a userspace command i can use to set the GUID of a 
> GPT partition
> under linux?  I asked google, but google didn't know, and i didn't see
> it described in the parted man page.

Which GUID? :-)

parted mkpart generates a new GUID for the partition it creates.
parted set flag xxxxx sets the partition type GUID to one of: boot, raid
(for Linux SW RAID), LVM, or basic data (any file system).  If you put a
file system or swap on the partition, it gets set to basic data or swap

That's it.  No other support exists to write your own GUIDs to either field
of the partition, or to the disk_guid.  efibootmgr and parted both know how
to parse the table right, so if you need to write your own app you may want
to start there.


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