[Linux-ia64] discontig-ia64 and acpi-numa patches

From: Erich Focht <efocht_at_ess.nec.de>
Date: 2002-08-09 02:40:24

This is a second attempt to split the discontig-ia64 patch. The result
is on sourceforge at:

There are three patches for 2.4.18 + ia64-020722 :

The main change: the previous core part was splitted, the ACPI
initialization was changed into arch-dependent and -independent parts.

01_discontig-acpi-numa.diff : required, provides ACPI initialization
                              of NUMA specific variables.

02_discontig-core.diff      : core part providing discontigmem

03_discontig-krel-krep.diff : optional part of discontigmem, provides
                              kernel relocation and replication. Required
                              on SGI SN.

You can pply additionally one of the zonelist patches and the
discontig-proc_info patch from the previous release.

The ACPI part of the patch has been radically changed, it fits into the
structure (arch-dependend + independent) proposed by Tak Kouchi. This
part is functional and useful even without discontigmem. It basically
gathers the NUMA related information and puts it into the structures
node_memblk, node_cpuid, numa_slit. These contain, respectively, the
affinity information of memory blocks, cpus and the locality information
of the nodes. The code is quite arch-independent and could be used by
other architectures which have ACPI SRAT/SLIT information.

The patches are building blocks for the discontigmem needs on IA64:
NEC Azusa/Asama, DIG64: required: acpi-numa + core,
                        optional: krel-krep
SGI SN : required: acpi + core + krel-krep

For those involved into the DIG-discontigmem development: I've set
CHUNKSIZE and CLUMPSIZE to be equal in mmzone_dig_numa.h. This avoids
some pitfalls and we expect anyway contiguous physical memory here,
so it doesn't matter.

The patch is tested on 4 node Azusa. I left out the phoney SRAT/SLIT
tables, they are now slightly more difficult to parse without extra code,
so I'm afraid right now there's no way to test pseudo-NUMA on BigSur
or Tiger.

Best regards,
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