Re: [Linux-ia64] Re: CPU hotplug boot change for IA64

From: Kimio Suganuma <>
Date: 2002-08-07 06:26:12
Hi Erich,

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002 20:33:09 +0200
Erich Focht <> wrote:

> > I removed cpu_initialized and fixed several bugs.
> > I tested SMP and UP kernels on 2-way Bigsur.
> > Please let me know if there is any problem on the patch.
> The patch looks fine. Before applying it to 2.5.29 my BigSur ended up
> with no tasks beeing scheduled to cpu#1 and no migration_task and
> ksoftirqd for the same cpu. But the system came up. After applying it 
> the system hangs in the boot sequence right after "Freeing unused
> kernel memory". But CPU#1 was woken up correctly. Sorry, have no kdb
> to be able to tell you more...
> Does anybody else have these problems?

I had a problem that the system hang at booting on 2.5.29 without
my patch. After that, I turned off CONFIGs as much as possible
and then I succeeded to boot the kernel.
I suspect IDE/ATAPI driver or something was causing the problem
(I'm not sure, though.)
Anyway, I'd like to reproduce the problem. Could you send me your


Kimio Suganuma <>
Received on Tue Aug 06 13:28:18 2002

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