[Linux-ia64] Help for OpenGFS

From: <shamc_at_ufrima.imag.fr>
Date: 2002-08-02 18:05:28

    Since last week,I've tried to install the file system OpenGfs in IA 64,
however the source didn't get compiled. In fact, it exists 2 patches
different: -one for the kernel 2.4.17 adapted IA 64     
           -one for the source of OpenGfs adapted to the kernel 2.4.17

It seems that these two patches have some conflits between them: for example,
there is redefinition of "semaphore.h" in the first patch. 

Has anyone ever installed Open Gfs in IA 64 ? Or ever faced to the similar
problem, please help me or send me a mail:

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