Re: [Linux-ia64] kernel update (relative to v2.4.18)

From: Andreas Schwab <>
Date: 2002-07-22 22:34:30
Keith Owens <> writes:

|> On Mon, 22 Jul 2002 13:54:36 +0200, 
|> Andreas Schwab <> wrote:
|> >Why are you explicitly disabling CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP, CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NBD
|> make xconfig was complaining that those variables appeared elsewhere in
|> the menu but were not being set in one branch of the menu tree.
|> Explicitly setting them to "n" removes the xconfig warnings, the
|> variables were already implicitly set to n.

Where?  Why should an Itanium configuration not be able to use a loop
device or a ram disk???


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