RE: [Linux-ia64] Kickstart help?

From: <>
Date: 2002-04-18 08:54:23
> Also, any tips for making Kickstart do EFI partitions?  I've tried
> "part --size 100 --ondisk sda /boot/efi --type ef" but KS 
> doesn't appear to format it correctly.

If the partition already exists (was created by other tools):
part /boot/efi --ondisk=sda --onpart=sda1 --size=100 --fstype=vfat

Otherwise to create it:
part /boot/efi --size 100  --ondisk sda --type=239 --onprimary 1

--type takes a base-10 integer (so 0xEF would be --type=239).

The partitioning code underlying Anaconda changed significantly between RHL
7.1 and 7.2 (note addition of --fstype in 7.2).  I don't recall all the
changes so you'll have to play with it some.

Also, note that a disk with no partition table already will be made with
GPT.  If it has a DOS partition table, it will stay DOS, and if it has a
GPT, it stays GPT.


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