[Linux-ia64] Kickstart help?

From: Aaron Burt <aaron_at_osdl.org>
Date: 2002-04-18 08:21:18
We've had Kickstart working nicely on our ia32 systems, and elilo 3.2
loads ia64 Red Hat 7.1 and 7.2 Kickstart.  But KS (via http or ftp) is
failing just after it retrieves netstg1.img with:
   Error mounting /dev/loop0 on
   /mnt/runtime (Invalid argument).
   This shouldn't happen, and I'm
   rebooting your system now.

Setting ramdisk_size=8192 doesn't help.  Using NFS causes it to die
immediately after it does its DHCP, and just before it would normally show
the "retrieving netstg1.img" message.

Oddly enough, using NFS for a manual Kickstart seems to work.

Also, any tips for making Kickstart do EFI partitions?  I've tried
"part --size 100 --ondisk sda /boot/efi --type ef" but KS doesn't appear
to format it correctly.
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