Re: [Linux-ia64] unw_init_frame_info() and activation records

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Date: 2002-04-17 08:35:37

Just a friendly note from the mailing list administrator.  I let this
post go through but this is probably something that should have been
put up on an `ftp' server somewhere with a note about it's existence
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On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 02:55:21PM -0700, Piet/Pete Delaney wrote:
> Hi Keith:
> Our linux lcrash code support for stack frames needs improvement, I'm
> looking around for code to pinch and was wondering about the kdb code.
> The kdb code at least seems to support the NEW_UNWIND code by using 
> unw_init_frame_info().  You code mentions that it should be using activation 
> records and I was wondering what that's all about.
> I've been reading Davie Mosberger chapter on Stack Unwinding and I'll check the
> kernel code for perspectives on the code. I suspect that the gdb unwind code
> and the HP-IPF-unwind library (see attached) are likely an overkill and only
> needed for C++.
> Perhaps you could take a few minutes and provide a few pointers on how
> to save time in adding unwind support. 
> -piet

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