Re: [Linux-ia64] C++ doesn't like asm/atomic.h

From: Keith Owens <>
Date: 2002-04-09 08:59:50
On Mon, 8 Apr 2002 12:33:40 -0700, 
Gary Hade <> wrote:
>I notice that the *_module(2) man pages which advocate the use of
>#include <linux/module.h> are installed as part of the modutils
>package.  Is is possibly "modutils" that should provide the header
>file that avoids sucking in the possibly problematic kernel-only

Old man pages (1996).  They date from the time that the kernel and
glibc shared the kernel headers via a symlink.  Linus has changed his
mind since then but the modutils man pages were never updated.

modutils provides include/module.h as part of the source package.  That
file is not installated anywhere, nobody outside modutils has required
it.  If you want to invoke the modutils syscalls yourself, take a copy
of include/module.h from modutils into your source tree.  But don't be
surprised if the interface changes under you.  modutils will know about
any interface changes, other packages will have to cope with the
version skew themselves.
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