RE: [Linux-ia64] EMP/IPMI and Lion

From: Egan Ford <>
Date: 2002-04-09 02:09:53
If all you want is simple power on/off/state/reset with a simple CLU,
then use kimberlite.

You will need to use smConfig, set the port (COM2:) to 19200 and "Always

EMP patch:

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>On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Egan Ford wrote:
>> Has anyone made use of the IPMI/BMC/EMP hardware on the Lion (4-way 
>> SMP) boxes with Linux?  Looking for links, tip, or hints.
>Sorry to reply to a stale message, but I just tested VACM's 
>EMP module on our four Lions (2 from HP, 2 from IBM).  Works 
>fine, or at least as well as VACM ever works. 
>You do have to use the smConfig 
>utility to enable the EMP.
>If anyone's aware of any other Linux utilities that talk EMP, 
>I'd be very interested.
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