[Linux-ia64] problems with scsi

From: Christian Hinkelbein <hinkelbein_at_ti.uni-mannheim.de>
Date: 2002-04-04 01:40:36
hi all,
sorry, this may be out of topic:
i have a dual-ia64 with a qlogic qla12160 scsi controller.
this talks to an ibm ddys-t18350 harddisk.
i cant get it running since after "modprobe qla1280"
kernel says: "sda: unsupported sector size 8704."
no other complains before or after.
the disk works fine on a ia32 with a symbios u160 controller.
do you know any hints how i could track down the problem?
or could you forward me to someone that maybe knows?
i use suse 7.2 ia64, currently on a 5 jear old ide disk.
now i got double the size ram compared with hardisk size.
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