Re: [Linux-ia64] Basic Advice Needed

From: Jeremy Fox <jerfox_at_Stanford.EDU>
Date: 2002-04-02 09:18:28
On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 06:17:01PM +0200, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> If you really mean SuSE 7.1 then it must be a very early test release so
> it is no wonder that it is not stable.  We never made a real ia64 release
> based on SuSE 7.1.  ISOs of our SuSE 7.2/ia64 release are available from
> our ftp server.

I think it was 7.2. Thanks for keeping me honest. I shouldn't malign
SuSE, because, as the seller just told me over the phone, it works the
best of any he has tried. It installs and is usable, it just crashes
fairly often. :) Apparently it doesn't crash when memory is reduced to
1 GB, not 2 GB as I earlier said.

Other distributions he recently tried

TurboLinux - wouldn't boot off of the CD
Caldera - installed great and was usable, but on restart had a kernel panic

He's not willing to fork over the $495 to RedHat, and I just convinced
him to try Debian. If that works we are in business. Well I am in
business to spend the rest of my life configuring X-Windows, but
progress is progress.

As someone pointed out, the network and SCSI adapters may be causing
problems. It has an Adaptec Ultra160 dual channel SCSI card for
example, which definitely seems nonstandard.

Jeremy T. Fox
Received on Mon Apr 01 15:19:15 2002

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