RE: [Linux-ia64] Basic Advice Needed

From: Van Maren, Kevin <>
Date: 2002-04-02 00:42:19
The stock IA64 Linux kernel supports 64GB memory and 32 processors.

I've been running on a 4xLion with 32GB ram, with a modified 2.4.9 kernel
(basically fix a couple driver bugs and kick the vm in the teeth so it
doesn't kill my machine).  Others here have been running RedHat 7.2-based
kernels and 2.4.16/18 with the IA64 patches.

If you have problems with > 2GB memory it is most likely due to a driver
problem.  The integrated SCSI and network seem to work fine [network only
uses memory < 2GB]; several others I've had to "fix".

If it just runs "slow", then it is probably a VM issue.

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