Re: [Linux-ia64] debuggers - ia64 gdb stubs?

From: Jim Wilson <>
Date: 2002-03-31 06:41:34
>HP has an exceptional version of GDB, KWDB, that can do src debugging
>over the internet and it appears to have been ported to ia64.

Standard gdb can do this.  It is called gdbserver, and it has been a part of
gdb since 1993.

Before we had hardware, initial gdb work was done by running gdbserver under
linux on the simulator, and then connecting to it via tcp/ip from a cross-gdb
running on an x86-linux machine.  This was much faster than trying to run an
interactive gdb session under linux on the simulator.

The IA-64 gdbserver support is still there, but I don't know if anyone has
used it since we got hardware.  See the src/gdb/gdbserver directory in the
FSF GDB source tree.

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