[Linux-ia64] Sym53c8xxx woes

From: Aaron Burt <aaron_at_osdl.org>
Date: 2002-03-23 10:40:48
OK, so I've upgraded our NEC AzusA 16-way to 2.4.18, and ran into a li'l
problem.  When I've 20GB of RAM or more enabled, the Sym53c8xxx v1 driver
crases on boot.  The v2 driver won't even compile.

Luckily, the SCSI drives are all on a qla1280 controller, so I can simply
leave the Symbios support out, but still this is a problem.

Without the Symbios driver, I can run it with all 16 procs and 32GB ram.

ObPlug: Our 16-way is available to all and sundry, and I'm currently
bringing up a couple of 4-way Lions as well.  A couple 2-ways are in the
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