Re: [Linux-ia64] Fix for for memory leak in IA32 mmap

From: <>
Date: 2002-03-06 09:18:53

I'll keep the idea of a 2-level bitmap in mind but I don't see a problem
with just a bitmap for partial pages.  With a 64-bit long for the bitmap
I can deal with page sizes up to 256K which should be sufficient.  Since
the page size is a compile time constant I just have to come up with
suitable define macros and it should be relatively easy to deal with the

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 01:49:09PM -0800, Luck, Tony wrote:
> > 3)  I wasn't intending to keep a bitmap for all of IA32 addressable
> > memory.  I intend to keep a list of all the partial pages, basically
> > the first and last page of an `mmap' request, and then keep a bitmap
> > for each of the 4K chunks inside of that page.  Maintaining the bitmap
> > will be a little tricky to handle all of the `mmap/munmap' possibilities
> > but it shouldn't be all that hard to get it right.
> Aha! A list of the partial pages makes sense. I thought that the "list" was
> going to be a list of mmap'd ranges ... which would be tougher to get right
> in the face of pathalogical programs.  I agree that these pathalogical
> programs deserve to fail, but they shouldn't take out the system (or tie it
> up with incredibly long lists of objects).
> You might keep an eye on the complexity of the code for maintaining the
> lists
> versus just having a (2-level) bitmap for the whole of the IA-32 address
> space.  There are some tricky cases (especially when you factor in support
> for 64K kernel page size as well as 16K ... so your partial page bitmaps
> have different lengths for different configurations).
> -Tony

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