[Linux-ia64] Fix for for memory leak in IA32 mmap

From: Don Dugger <n0ano_at_n0ano.com>
Date: 2002-03-06 02:13:01

Here is a patch against `linux-2.4.17-ia64-011226.diff' that fixes a
memory leak with the IA32 `mmap'/`munmap' calls.  The problem occurs
when a non-fixed `mmap' allocates a range that ends in the middle of
a page.  To handle problems with fixed requests the `munmap' call rounds
down the the area freed, causing the memory leak.  The only solution I
can think of to deal with this is to create a list of the allocated
starting addresses for all non-fixed `mmap' requests.  `munmap' then
checks this list and, if it finds a match, rounds the request size up
rather than down.

I've tried the patch and it appears pretty reliable for me, I've run
competing IA32 processes overnight with no problem and OpenOffice
runs fine.

Don Dugger
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