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From: Seth, Rohit <>
Date: 2002-02-23 13:02:29

Currently working on the following:

1- NAT page support
2- Large Page support (for shared memory and anonymous pages).
3- Mckinley specific optimizations in Kernel memory related functions
(clear_page, copy_page, memset, memcp, TCP checksum)


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Subject: [Linux-ia64] Linux IA64 ToDo List

It's been brought to my attention that the Linux IA64 ToDo list
has gotten rather out of date.  I'm willing to fix this and    
keep the list up to date but I need help from everyone else.

I need to know what people are doing.  (I also need to know what
you're not doing :-)                                            

What I'm looking for is both what you are actively working on
and also what you would like to see done.  If you could send 
me a simple email about this I'll collate everything and put
it up on the ToDo list at `'.    

I'll start it off.  I have two tasks I'm working on right now.

1.  Remove race from IA32 `mmap' system call.

2.  Fix coredump when OpenOffice/ia32 saves a spreadsheet as
a StarCalc 6.0 file.                                        

Anyone else?

Don Dugger
"Censeo Toto nos in Kansa esse decisse." - D. Gale
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