Re: [Linux-ia64] about linux/ia64 mm

From: 唐 宇 <>
Date: 2001-11-30 17:31:38
thx a lot first;  
and as _pa(x) is defined to ((x)-PAGE_OFFSET), so i think, kernel space 
from PAGE_OFFSET to (PAGE_OFFSET + Size of Memroy) should be mapped 
directly to 0 -Size of Memory; so what happens if codes access address 
returned by functions such as get_free_pages()(it should range in 
[PAGE_OFFSET,PAGE_OFFSET+...])? how could it be translated by MMU?
and what you mean, there are both 64M-page and configurable 
PAGE_SIZE(4,8k,etc) for Region 7? or i just missed something?


>From: David Mosberger <>
>To: "唐 宇" <>
>Subject: Re: [Linux-ia64] about linux/ia64 mm
>Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:43:18 -0800
> >>>>> On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 23:19:53 +0800, "=?gb2312?B?zMYg0+4=?=" 
<> said:
>   Tang> hi all, i was a little confused by linux/ia64 mm; as i know,
>   Tang> linux requires physical memory to be mapped contiguously to
>   Tang> kernel space( don't care highmem); and PAGE_OFFSET is defined
>   Tang> to 0xe000000000000000 in linux/ia64; that's region 7, its page
>   Tang> size is fixed to 64M(2.4.12). how could __get_free_pages()
>   Tang> allocate such a big _page_? it's absolutely impossible.  so i
>   Tang> think i made a big mistake somewhere, would someone help me
>   Tang> out?  thx :-)
>The page allocator works at the page frame level, which can be
>configured to have a size of 4, 8, 16, or 64KB.  The large TLB
>mappings are used merely to access the underlying memory (think of it
>as a physical address space with a non-zero starting address).
>	--david

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