[Linux-ia64] kacpidpc process takes 100% of CPU

From: Paris, DavidX <davidx.paris_at_intel.com>
Date: 2001-11-14 04:43:52
I've just built 2.4.13 and 2.4.14 with and without the KDB patch and in all
cases when the system comes up there is a kacpidpc process (PID 10) taking
100% of one of the cpus (changes which CPU it's on every boot). The system
is a 4 processor Lion (733 Mhz B3) with 1 gig of ram. This process isn't
even running when I build the same kernels on a BigSpur. I've even tried
copying over the very kernel that works fine on the BigSpur, but when I boot
it on the Lion I get this kacpidpc process. Naturally the process ignores my
'kill -9's. I've tried booting the kernel on single proc Lions (733 C0s),
but the kernel won't even boot on those systems (hangs right after it loads
the SCSI driver is begins looking for devices). Does anyone have any idea
why this kacpidpc process is hogging one of the CPUs, and how I go about
getting rid of it? Unlike in the IA32 kernels, it doesn't look like you can
turn off ACPI in the IA64 kernel. Thanks,

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