Re: [Linux-ia64] Re: Pagesize is different between IA32 and IA64

From: <>
Date: 2001-11-12 19:59:48
As a supplement to his report,

it seems that sys_brk() in mm/mmap.c uses PAGE_ALIGN and brk syscall in
ia32 emulation uses the sys_brk as it is.
Does this result in the situation that ia32 brk() behaves as if the page
size is 16KB, though in reality 4KB?

From: "Hideki Yamamoto" <>
Subject: [Linux-ia64] Re: Pagesize is different between IA32 and IA64
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 17:29:53 +0900

>  I think the solution of this problem is which
>  following them
>   - __getpagesize function should returns the real pagesize
>   - It needs to prepare the another function that
>     returns real pagesize for malloc instead.
>  I have confirmed this problem, the Kernel version is
>  2.4.7 and the libc version is 2.2.4.
>  This is a sample program.

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