[Linux-ia64] LION hangs at init 0 (kernel 2.4.13 on top of SuSE 7.2a IA64 Dev. Ed.)

From: Verkist, Bruno <Bruno.Verkist_at_fujitsu-siemens.com>
Date: 2001-10-31 19:35:36
Hi all,

I have an Intel LION (8GB, 2x733MHz C0, BIOS 100, BMC 26) installed with
SuSE 7.2a IA64 Developers Edition (kernel 2.4.4). On top of it I installed
kernel 2.4.13 and the IA64 patch linux-2_4_13-ia64-011024_diff . 

Problem: When I reboot the machine with my new 2.4.13 kernel or switch from
runlevel 1 to 0 the system hangs while executing  /etc/rc.d/rc0.d/S20halt.
The last messages I see on the screen are

Sending all processes the TERM signal...
Sending all processes the KILL signal...
Tęping <Ctrl-C>: blogd: Warning: the ioctl TIOCGDEV is not know by the

After that I have to power cycle my LION (and repair my root file system
after reboot!).


Bruno Verkist mailto:Bruno.Verkist@fujitsu-siemens.com
FSC EP PS HE4, Paderborn      Tel. +49 5251 8 15365
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