[Linux-ia64] Re: Lion problems with 2.4.13...

From: Robert K Gjertsen <gjertsen_at_us.ibm.com>
Date: 2001-10-31 01:30:22
I haven't tried this out yet, but I plan to in a day or two. No guarantees
for non-ibm machines, but
I figure we just grabbed this from Intel (and I'll be applying this to my
beta level Lion / boat anchor).

You can get the BIOS-99 and BMC-24 (Bios/Firmware 1.1) on the web at:
www.pc.ibm.com\support    by
searching on xSeries 380 86831rx

or (much easier)

ftp.pc.ibm.com /pub/pccbbs/pc_servers/33p2588.iso
          /pub/pccbbs/pc_servers/33p2588.zip  (for LS120)

On an entirely different note, I see that flush_tlb_all is exported by the
Linux kernel. I've rolled my own
functions for flush_tlb_page and flush_tlb_range for our filesystem, but it
would be nice if these were
also exported by the kernel (I see there is a ptcg lock being used in this
code although I think I'm OK
not using this on pages that we are fiddling with).
How do I go about seeing if flush_tlb_range could also be exported in the
ia64 Linux code stream?

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