Re: [Linux-ia64] C union on ia-64

From: KOCHI, Takayoshi <>
Date: 2001-10-25 05:50:24
> PS: Interestingly enought, I believe Intel's slide is actually
> wrong.  If `ULONG' is an `unsigned long' and `PVOID' is a `void *'
> then all of the data items have the same size and the two structures
> can be used interchangably on either IA32 or IA64.  It's a
> dangerous technique but it would work in this case.

I believe win64 uses P64 for its programming model.
(while we use LP64 instead)
So their ULONG is still 32bit in IA64.

KOCHI Takayoshi <>
Received on Wed Oct 24 12:49:49 2001

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