[Linux-ia64] Kernel Resources & Allocation Order

From: Donny Cooper <dcooper_at_atcc.necsys.com>
Date: 2001-10-19 06:24:08
Do kernel-parameters (such as, mem=X and maxcpus=N) have an allocation order according to the physical system layout, or
even follow any order at all?

For example, if I boot with mem=1024M and maxcpus=2, will resources come from the low number DIMM and CPU slots.  Or is
SMP completely random, with no guarantee which resources are allocated.  I am aware that you cannot choose which
resources to use, but the documentation I have found on this subject is unclear.

Donny Cooper
NEC Systems, Inc.
Advanced Technical Computing Center
Received on Thu Oct 18 13:24:27 2001

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