[Linux-ia64] Re: eepro100 hangs

From: Bill Nottingham <notting_at_redhat.com>
Date: 2001-10-17 09:12:27
David Wilder (wilder@us.ibm.com) said: 
> We are seeing lockups of the eepro100 driver on an ia64 box running redhat
> 7.1 (Revision 1.36 of the eepro100 driver).  I have seen references to
> similar problems on this list but have not yet seen a resolution.  The
> problem is only seen with the eepro100 driver the e100 driver from intel
> works fine.  The system has 4 Gig of RAM.  Here are the details:

The HW has a bug.

You need to run eepro100-diag -f -G -w -w -w  to fix it.
You can get eepro100-diag from ftp.scyld.com; it's one of Donald Becker's
diagnostic tools.

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