[Linux-ia64] X4.1.0 reboots and log

From: Randolph Chung <randolph_at_tausq.org>
Date: 2001-10-04 04:26:44
Like David mentioned in a previous email I've also seen random reboots
when switching between a vt and X (4.1.0, as packaged in Debian's woody
distribution). I've also seen this sometimes when leaving X running
overnight (with xscreensaver kicking in). This is on a HP i2000 smp
system, with a nvidia quadro pro card. (no glx)

One thing I noticed is that the crashes seem to coincide with certain
messages in the event log. I've posted an excerpt at

Does this help anyone debug the problem? I was told that this:

Oct  2 12:16:52 pippin kernel: +Platform PCI Component Error Info
Oct  2 12:16:52 pippin kernel: + PCI Component Error Detail:  Error
Status: 0x1000
Oct  2 12:16:52 pippin kernel:  Component Info: Vendor Id = 0x8086,
Device Id = 0x84e0, Class Code = 0x0, Seg/Bus/Dev/Func = 4/0/0/6

corresponds to a "address above top of memory" error reported by the SAC, but
don't know how to trace this down more.

help appreciated,
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