[Linux-ia64] Re: umode_t?

From: Eric Gillespie <epg_at_progeny.com>
Date: 2001-09-27 09:58:42
David Mosberger writes:

> Isn't the poinit of AC_CHECK_TYP(umode_t, int) that if umode_t isn't
> defined already, it will get defined as an "int"?

Yes, but then there are all kinds of casting problems.  That needs to
be fixed too, for systems without umode_t at all, but it led me to the
question about umode_t not being in sys/types.h.

> You'll need to talk to glibc maintainers as to whether umode_t should
> or should not be defined.  I don't keep track of the latest name space
> rules.

OK, glibc people:  Why don't you get umode_t by including sys/types.h?
As far as i can tell, you have to include asm/types.h to get it;
clearly not an option for an autoconf macro.

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