[Linux-ia64] differentiating single-step vs taken-branch trap

From: Weihaw Chuang <weihaw_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 2001-09-24 11:43:18
Hi everyone,
I've got two questions, but only the first is really
1. I'm using the ptrace kernel interface to trace a
child process via single-step or taken-branch traps
(through David Mosberger's utrace tool).  Is there a
way I can use ptrace to allow me to single-step, and
in addition observe occurances of taken-branches?  

It seems that its possible to set the PSR.SS and
PSR.TB concurrently, but not a way of differentiating
the returned trap signal.  All we know upon returning
from wait is that a trap occured.

Although it seems redundant, as far as I know there is
a subtle difference between taken-branch traps and
single-step traps.  Taken-branch traps return back an
IIP value of the branch target, before committing the
the results of the target instruction.  Single-step
traps assign IIP of the committed instruction.  The
difference is important if I want to look ahead to get
register state before a memory operation commits any
registers writes.   

2. Is there still a ia64 linux kernel mailing list? 
And is it archived somewhere?

Many thanks,


Weihaw Chuang


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