[Linux-ia64] First Step

From: <cfk_at_pacbell.net>
Date: 2001-09-22 06:31:24
Gentlemen, please pardon if a newbie for a bit. I have the hp cd now with
the various rpm files (NUE-1_1, NUE_FS-1, SDI-0_94 & SKI_LINU). I have a
reasonable amount of experience in Linux from the x86 viewpoint, but I would
like to understand IA-64. So, I would appreciate a few pointers on how to
get started.

Do I try to rpm install these on a X86 system, probably not. I don't yet
know how to get an IA-32 system up and running. My naive attitude from this
vantage point is that an X86 computer can be an IA-32 system, but perhaps I
am completely offbase to start with. Assuming I can use one of my existing
computers to learn how to do IA-32 and IA-64 work, what is the series of

And please set the verbose switch for the answer.

Charles Krinke
Received on Sat Sep 22 14:38:06 2001

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