Re: [Linux-ia64] getcontext() correctly implemented ?

From: Andrew Haley <>
Date: 2001-09-21 18:41:05
stefan writes:
 > The garbage collector of GNU Guile does not need the machine
 > context in a signal handler. It just looks for heap references
 > within the programs stack. The top of the stack is saved when
 > starting the program, the bottom is gained from the current stack
 > position when garbage collecting. More references might be within
 > the machines registers. That is why it uses setjmp() in order to
 > get these into a defined buffer. On a ia64 Linux setjump() is not
 > said to save *all* registers. That is why I thought the
 > getcontext() function could help here. Is that true ? I already
 > tried it with glibc 2.2.3 without success. Still missed some
 > references...

I can't help thinking you'd be best looking at Hans Boehm's garbage
collector and the way it accesses registers on IA-64.  boehm-gc is in
a subdir of the gcc soures.

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