Re: [Linux-ia64] Location of absolute IA32 shared objects.

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2001-09-14 05:52:09
>>>>> On 10 Sep 2001 21:30:02 -0700, Ulrich Drepper <> said:

  Uli> David Mosberger <> writes:
  >> As far as I can see, neither LSB nor FHS address the issue of
  >> where to place emulation files, so I'll propose a prefix of
  >> "/emul/ia32-linux/" as a starter.  Any objections?

  Uli> Not that I care, but this is clearly a place for a new /proc
  Uli> entry which can be changed by the sysadmin.

I'd have thought that this should be treated like "/": an unchanging
prefix.  Mount, symlinks, and chroot are your friend.  Making it
variable makes installation harder, as others have pointed out.  But
it's not like I care a whole lot (as long as ia64 kernel performance
isn't impacted noticably).

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