Re: [Linux-ia64] AT Keyboard not present?

From: Khalid Aziz <>
Date: 2001-09-08 06:09:34
The problem gets worse when you do not have a PS2 controller on the
machine at all. Kernel spews out a screenful of this message as it boots
up. An easy way to get rid of these messages is to undefine
KBD_REPORT_TIMEOUTS in pc_keyb.h. This still does not get rid of the
delays caused by the timeouts. If I could figure out a way to reliably
determine if the PS2 controller exists or not, I would like to get rid
of the delays as well.


Johannes Erdfelt wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 07, 2001, Krishnakumar B <> wrote:
> > On Friday, 7 September 2001, KOCHI Takayoshi wrote:
> > > Recently I noticed
> > >
> > > keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?
> >
> > I guess this happens because you are using a USB keyboard and the kernel
> > looks for a PS/2 keyboard. New machines from Dell ship with a USB keyboard
> > by default. Till the USB modules are loaded, I see this error (once or
> > twice). Once the USB modules are loaded, this message disappears. Is there
> > any way to prevent this happening ? I saw that when using RedHat's kernel,
> > this message doesn't show up. What do I need to suppress this message if I
> > have a USB keyboard ?
> The only way to supress the message is to hack it out of the kernel.
> The message comes from the fact the BIOS does legacy device emulation
> for USB keyboards and mice. I think the ia64 BIOS supports this as well.
> However, the emulation isn't perfect and will cause messages like this.
> When the HC driver loads, it turns this off and natively handles the USB
> keyboard.
> The real fix is to use USB drivers as early as possible. The emulation
> wasn't designed to be perfect.
> JE
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