[Linux-ia64] AT Keyboard not present?

From: KOCHI Takayoshi <t-kouchi_at_mvf.biglobe.ne.jp>
Date: 2001-09-08 03:49:07
Recently I noticed

keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present?

message appears when the kernel tries to control keyboard LEDs
(i.e. CAPS, NumLock, ScrLock).
I don't see any symptoms in X environment, this is only at
VGA console.  I remember this was the behavior of ia64 linux of
very early days, but fixed at some point.

Does someone have ideas?

KOCHI Takayoshi <t-kouchi@cq.jp.nec.com/t-kouchi@mvf.biglobe.ne.jp>
Received on Fri Sep 07 10:49:11 2001

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