Re: [Linux-ia64] can't compile on x86 - building cross-compiler for ia64 getting SIGSEGV

From: k Macy <>
Date: 2001-09-06 04:14:38
It looks like in both cases it was my fault,
when building the compiler I set the --host=ia64...
when it should have been --target=ia64...
When building 2.4.9 I hadn't downloaded and applied
the latest patches to the tree. The default IA64 in
the linux tree is pretty broken.

In both cases the compiler should have failed a lot 
more gracefully, but it sounds like 32bit->64bit
cross-compilation is non-trivial.



--- Jim Wilson <> wrote:
> >Current gcc code will not cross compile from ix86
> to ia64, it gets
> >problems with conditional return of 64 bit values
> in some functions.
> A bug report would be very useful, yes.  You didn't
> even mention what
> program is being miscompiled.  If you have already
> reported the bug, please
> point me at the report.
> Jim

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