RE: [Linux-ia64] Linux 2.4.4 boot hangs at "SCSI(0): Verifying ch ip ..."

From: <>
Date: 2001-06-29 01:52:52
> > Booting my Lion Qual with SuSE 7.2a RC1 (2.4.4-SMP) 
> sporadically hangs at
> > scsi(0): verifying chip ...
> > 
> I wonder if you have the 64bit support enabled for the QLA in 
> the setup. 
> You must make sure that it is enabled. Press F2 and check it out.

Shouldn't need that anymore (the qla1280 driver sets up 64-bit addressing
when on a 64-bit system).  I've seen this occasionally.  Easiest to
reproduce it if you do repeated reboots until it fails.  In my case, it
would repeat the Red Hat installer between 9 and 30 times before failing,
but haven't been able to track it down yet.


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