[Linux-ia64] Mylex RAID stability on IA-64

From: Martin Wilck <Martin.Wilck_at_fujitsu-siemens.com>
Date: 2001-06-28 03:12:48
Has anybody made stress tests on a Mylex RAID controller with Linux/IA64

We have seen the following phenomena:

1) Syslog messages like

Jun 27 19:02:03 tl02 kernel: DAC960#0: Error Condition VENDOR-SPECIFIC on WRITE:
Jun 27 19:02:03 tl02 kernel: DAC960#0:   /dev/dac960/host0/disc1:
       absolute blocks 23366555..23366562
Jun 27 19:02:03 tl02 kernel: DAC960#0:   /dev/dac960/host0/disc1:
       relative blocks 2..2883680

The error conditions is always "VENDOR-SPECIFIC on WRITE", which doesn't
tell me very much.

2) Random lockups of the IO-intensive commands (cp, tar, find, ...)
This happens rarely, but it does happen. The commands seem to lock up in
wait4() system calls while other commands are still happily doing

3) Machine lockups.
This has happened twice, but not yet with the 2.4.5 kernel. Even in the
other cases we cannot be 100% sure that the Mylex I/O "killed" the
machines. The only clue we have is that a message like the one above was
the last record in the syslog before dying.

"I/O stress" means about 4 IO-intensive processes at the same time.

What have other people experienced with these boards on IA-64?


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