Re: [Linux-ia64] eepro100 and nfs - mission impossible ?

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2001-06-19 00:45:52
>>>>> On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:18:39 +0200, Jan Schreckenbach <> said:

  Jan> Hello, the problems with the eepro100 driver in conjunction
  Jan> with NFS driving me mad. I'm using NFS very heavy for compiling
  Jan> and installing (both: autofs and hand mounted shares).
  Jan> Processes often hanging while accessing files on NFS shares (I
  Jan> have seen a cp process hanging after aprox. 100MB on exactly
  Jan> the same point of the file, regardless how often I tried).  I
  Jan> use Lion's with BIOS 76 with the latest SuSE and Red Hat
  Jan> distros.  The e100 driver does not work as well.  Are there any
  Jan> chances to get it running???

This is *not* a problem with the eepr100 driver.  It's a bug in the
eepro firmware.  A relatively easy workaround is to install your own
network adapter and ignore the built-in one.

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